Legie E-Scrap Recycling
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Legie E-Scrap Recycling, Inc. offer Free Recycling Services to schools, hospitals, business, local city, state and federal governmental agencies.
We will remove ALL unwanted or unused electronic equipment.  The e waste/scrap does not need to be separated or on pallets.
The electronics are checked in and cleaned of all their data. Upon completion of the recycling process a "Letter of Destruction" is issued to the Client.
We make it easy being green; we do all the work for you. Our services include labor and all supplies to load the equipment onto our trucks.
Our business is client-oriented, and we maintain strict confidentiality. 
It does not matter how large or small your inventory is, we can send our crew.
We appreciate the opportunity to provide our services to you and look forward to help in all your recycling needs. 


Computer  &  Hard  Drives  Destruction

It's not enough to discard a hard drive or computer by simply deleting or erasing it.
The most effective way to ensure the complete removal of data on an old hard drive is to physically destroy it.

Office Equipment Destruction

Electronic equipment that is no longer usable or is outdated is recycled through an advanced process that separates raw materials.


Media and X-Ray Destruction


Media:   Completely destroy your unwanted media material such as

               CD's, DVD's and render it unusable.

 X-Ray:  Dispose of this confidential information properly to protect

               patients, physicians and the enviroment.