Legie E-Scrap Recycling
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Hard Drives Destruction

We are committed to the recycling of all material in a safe and environmentally conscious matter.



  • L.E-Scrap Recycling provides the service of corporate data destruction which entails the overwriting of hard disk drives (HDD) or physical destruction.  We are one of the few e-waste recyclers to obtain a HIPAA Certification.

We can provide a mobile unit to crush all your Hard Drives onsite at NO COSTwith your electronic scrap. 

Without electronic scrap there will be a charge of $2.50* per Hard Drive.

With exceptions please contact us for more information at 904-551-2369 or e-mail      millie.delgado@legieescraprecycling.com    


  • This will give our customers a peace of mind that any information stored is permanently unrecoverable.

  • Deleting files on hard drives DOES NOT remove the actual data. It removes the pointer to the file and indicates that the disk space is free, but anyone can access this data with the right software and know how.